About Us

My name is Daniel Bogusz. I have been a roof repairer, painter – troubleshooter for ten years. The skills I have gained from working on all different roof types has allowed me to be a professional roofer. I run a small team of roofers that always do the job properly and safely. During the winter time, I work on repairs to leaky roofs also water blasting and moss control.

Certain roofs I have come across are decramastic tiled roofs that have nails holding them up that become loose after time from natural environment causes. I renail and pull out dents to fix the problem. I also rechip and repaint them instead of reroofing

I cover all concrete tiled roofs that have porous tiles with cracks and damaged ridge caps. I replace all tiles broken with new ones then rebed and point all caps before painting.

Iron roofs are usually rusted in certain areas, rust convertor primer is applied to kill the rust. These roofs are easy to maintain because they are easy to repair by changing sheets with new ones. I also paint these roofs with a new look.

The products that I use are the best in New Zealand and give a 15 year warranty. 

I have always been a safe worker as all my jobs gave been accomplished with the use of a harness. All people that enter the worksite are all warned and aware of all dangerous hazards by communication and training. All worksites are checked before and after to maintain a safe enviroment for everyone.

This website is designed to advertise my services to people who are in need of a affordable option of restoring their roof instead of reroofing.

I run my quotations via my email service but can usually write one on the spot if job is in the Auckland area. Customers can send photos of the roof and can be priced promptly.